Materials And Techniques For Decorative Oil Paintings

The decorative elements are important to both western and oriental tradition paintings. Early Western temperas were inspired by Byzantine religious art with an emphasis on decoration. There are also obvious oriental styles in modern paintings from a time after impressionism. Many Modern Chinese Paintings imitated national decorative arts, and modern abstract style paintings of decoration.

Material and technique of decorative oil paintings Articles are exaggerated. Deformation processing is based on realistic modelling. Performance practices tend to emphasize outline and structure while reducing light. Color: Take fixed colors as a basis, and then use the planarization technique with intense, full and comparative composition. Since the decoration of paintings is a combination of many different factors such as primitive art, white folk art (or children’s art), religious art, traditional decorative patterns, and the rich resources of the past, the oil painting style and the method of decoration processing have a large development space. Use of decorative painting style and special techniques is important. This can sometimes have a significant effect on the color and texture effects of the picture.

If you want to achieve the same result in the style decoration painting, using synthetic material in the processing of the bottom layer can be done with less effort. The use of different thicknesses of canvas or board can be used to create a decorative feel. Painters can use different pigments for a special texture. Beeswax, or other particles added to the pigment, are some examples. The background can be painted with gold or silver. The color effect can be magnified by using metallic foils, metallic paints and pearlescent pigments. The use of different rendering techniques, such as collages, drips, style changes and blades, can help to create a variety of color textures. Special painting methods are used to form decorative paintings. Some decorative paints can also be used with adhesive tape, rulers and special tool materials.

It is important to understand the relationship between decoration and creation when creating a painting. The decoration for decorative painting differs from the simple decoration. Although the first has a wonderful decorative composition that is a constant expression, the decorative painting appeals to its utilitarian purpose more than any other factor. It is possible to turn a painting vulgar and cheap by using overly beautiful materials or techniques. Referring to traditional decorative arts, it is necessary to select and improve the appropriate materials and techniques to achieve harmony and adapt the painting to the performance.

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