You Should Consider Installing The Best Exterior Foundation Foundation Systems

It is important to note that the foundation of any building rectify, be it residential or commercial, is crucial. The foundation is where the whole structure is built and will determine the quality and lifespan of the building. To keep your basement clean and dry, it is best to use only the most effective exterior foundation waterproofing solutions. These systems often use sump pumps.

We will first discuss the most common causes for water seepage from basements. It is known that soil expands upon absorbing water. However the extent of the expansion varies depending on soil type. As an example, sand soil lets water pass through but absorbs little water. Clay soil on the other hand absorbs much more water. The soil expands more as it absorbs water. This expansion creates a pressure on outer surfaces of buildings and causes water to seep into basement through cracks, porous spots or unsealed spaces. Various methods can be used to fix or control basement seepage due to the advancement in technology. In general, the work can be performed either inside or outside the building. Interior drain tile is a popular option to stop seepage in cracks, and at the wall-floor joint. The sump pump is used to remove the water collected in the sump basin. Also, expanding polyurethane sealings can be injected into cracks. This also prevents seepage.

The best exterior foundation waterproofing solutions are definitely better than the interior waterproofing. The water source comes from the exterior of the building. Therefore, it is best to address the issue at its origin. At the start of the process excavation is performed to expose the exterior surface of the walls for further treatment. The surface is cleaned, and then a thick layer asphalt-modified urethane polyurethane coating is applied with masonry trowels. The coating will become impermeable after it dries, and prevent water from seeping in. Most often, a heavy-duty drain board is placed over the membrane to provide additional protection. It also creates a channel that allows the water flow downward. In the case of high water levels, installing exterior drain tiles can help reduce the pressure placed on the wall.

As the sump pump is a vital part of any basement waterproofing system, selecting the right pump is essential. The power, size and specification of the pump are all important factors in the waterproofing process. Installation of exterior foundation water-proofing systems can be a complex job. Much will depend on both the structure’s condition and the presence of any water. It may be necessary to customize the solution based on various factors. This is why it’s best to use professionals and be certain of their quality.

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